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Can Bitcoin Price Go To £1,000,000 ?
Get The Latest Buy Bitcoin UK Guide
For The 2020/2021 Cryptocurrency Cycle

If you are new to the cryptocurrency world and if you are wondering how to buy bitcoin safely, the eToro trading platform is certainly the best answer.

Safely Buy Bitcoin
Easy Way To Buy Bitcoin UK BTC Trading Platform

eToro empowers people to invest on their own terms. The platform enables people to invest in the assets they want, from stocks and commodities to cryptoassets. eToro is a global community of more than ten million registered users who share their investment strategies; and anyone can follow the approaches of those who have been the most successful. Due to the simplicity of the platform users can easily buy bitcoin, hold and whenever they want.


eToro is regulated in Europe by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.


Cryptoassets are unregulated and can fluctuate widely in price and are, therefore, not appropriate for all investors. It is much wiser, as explained in our Buy Bitcoin UK Guide, to use regulated platform than small cryptocurrency exchanges.

buy bitcoin online

Discover Our Latest Buy Bitcoin UK Guide 2020:

Buy Bitcoin UK

For many years, the eToro trading platform has been at the center of our buy bitcoin UK guide. Although Etoro is certainly the the most popular platform to buy bitcoin online, there are many other bitcoin exchanges that you might want to consider, even if their features are not as user friendly.



Whatever digital asset you decide to buy, always make sure to use trusted companies.

Here are some reputable cryptocurrency exchanges.

Where and how to buy bitcoin UK guidelines for 2020

- BC Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

BC Bitcoin is a UK based broker that deals with almost a hundred cryptocurrencies. You can purchase bitcoins with British pounds (GBP) among other different currencies.
BC Bitcoin has a lot of notable features available such as;
•    A simple, user-friendly interface
•    A calculator to help you estimate the fees
•    Direct deposits
Also, there are many payment methods including;
•    Bank transfers
•    Wire transfers
•    SWIFT
To get started, do the following;
•    Create an account, and a broker will contact you to determine if BC Bitcoin is a fit for you.
•    Verify your account by confirming your personal information, e.g., your full name, email and also your financial information.
•    Start buying bitcoin.
BC Bitcoins transaction fees may range between 0.5 to 0.75%.


- Cryptocurrency Exchange

Started in 2013, has grown to feature more than five cryptocurrencies. You can buy bitcoin using different currencies (including GBP) or a credit and debit card. has some excellent features such as;
•    A mobile app
•    Lower deposit fees if you use a debit or credit card
•    Nice user-friendly interface
To use, do the following;
•    Create and verify your account
•    Add your debit or credit card (for verification purposes, you might be asked to take a selfie with the card)
•    Load funds to your account and start transacting. Just click Buy/Sell and begin trading. 
However, you should remember that charges a 7% transaction fee.


- Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. Due to its ease of use, it’s the easiest way to buy bitcoin.
To use Coinbase, do the following;
•    Create and verify your Coinbase account.
•    Add your debit or credit card to the account
•    Allow Coinbase to perform a small test transaction. Log into your account and note the amount transacted.
•    Once you have verified your card, head to the Buy/Sell tab and enter the amount of money, you want to exchange with bitcoin.
•    Confirm the order and click Complete Buy.

Coinbase charges a 3.99% transaction fee when you buy bitcoin using a debit or credit card.

- Coinmama Bitcoin Exchange

Coinmama is a buy-only service that’s fast and secure. Unlike the above platforms, Coinmama doesn't have a wallet. You, therefore, need to have a digital wallet to use this platform.
To get started with Coinmama, do the following;
•    Create and verify your account
•    Add your details (the more you add, the lesser the restrictions)
•    Start buying bitcoin
However, note that Coinmama charges a 5% transaction fee.

- Etoro Social Trading Platform


As expressed above, any cryptocurrency novice wondering how to buy bitcoin in UK will certainly start with eToro. Indeed it is our preferred platform to use when it comes to buying bitcoin swiftly and easily.

They only charges a very low spread fee of 0.75% and they have now release a brand new cryptocurrrency wallet.

Therefore, with the very same login details you can have access to a cryptocurrency trading platform and a secure bitcoin wallet on your phone.


The social trading aspect of eToro is another very attractive feature. It allow novice bitcoin traders and investors to follow cryptocurrency experts. People can trade bitcoin on the platform or simply set up a bitcoin copy trade in order to automatically copy professional digital fund managers.

Final Thoughts


Many features reviewed in our buy bitcoin UK guidelines are also valid to most countries worldwide.

With the methods and online crypto-services that we have presented, you can now easily buy bitcoin and altcoins. Select your platform by using criteria such as transaction fees, transaction limits and the duration of the transaction.
We do not provide financial advice. Make sure to select an instrument that suits your investment style and always invest within reason.


The cryptocurrency market is very volatile.

Can you image a bitcoin price UK pound of 1,000,000 ?

This is what the many crypto-analysts are forecasting for the coming years.

Everything is possible, time will tell.




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