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Quickest Ways To Buy Bitcoin In UK

The Bitcoin UK price has been in a rising trend for the past decade. Therefore, more and more British investors are seeking the easiest and quickest ways to buy bitcoin in UK via credit card or paypal. As the market evolves, we are are updating our how to buy bitcoin UK guide on a regular basis. Nevertheless, you will find within this page some useful pointers.

quickest ways to buy bitcoin
Quickest Was To Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin Exchange

This is one of the most popular and quickest ways to buy bitcoin, especially if you never owned or bought a bitcoin before.

All you need is a phone or computer, good internet and your credit/debit card. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes including registration and it doesn’t require immediate verification.

What are Bitcoin Exchanges?

Bitcoin Exchange are websites that allow users buy and sell bitcoins and other cryptos. Today, there are hundreds of Bitcoin exchanges,

But, you have to be careful. As some of these exchanges have porous security and are only established to take your money, then disappear into thin Air.

However, don’t worry.

There are still many trusted and reliable bitcoin exchanges and here are top 5 most popular Bitcoin exchanges where you can quickly grab some bitcoins.

1.) Binance

2.) Coinbase

3.) CEX

4.) Bittrex

5.) Poloniex

With all of the above bitcoin trading platforms, all you have to do is register and buy your bitcoin but on Coinbase, ID verification is required before you’re allowed to add your debit card to start buying. Also, these platforms all support the use of cards to buy bitcoins and other means of payments like bank transfer. There is another cryptocurrency platform that is worth mentioning as it allows quick bitcoin purchase in UK and a high level of security. This is the eToro social trading platform. Etoro has been offering bitcoin and altcoins purchase for many years and the company has acquired a very significant position in the cryptocurrency industry, mainly due to its user friendly interface. Etoro has been one of the first UK cryptocurrency trading platfor to allow its user to buy bitcoin with paypal accounts. Recently eToro has launched the Etoro X trading platform which is more geared towards professional crypto traders. The eToro desktop and mobile platforms are without a debt one of the safest and quickest ways to buy bitcoin in UK without technical blockchain jargon knowledge.

Bitcoin ATMs

These machines are not popular but they exist.

The process of buying on bitcoin on ATM is the exact opposite of using a conventional ATM machine. While on conventional ATMs, you are required to insert your card, input your pin and get your money, on Bitcoin ATMs you are required do a verification (this varies for different ATMs), then input your bitcoin address, insert cash bills into the machine and confirm transaction.

For a newbie, this might be a bit technical but buying from a Bitcoin ATM is one of the quickest ways once you get used to it.

P2P Exchanges

This is probably one of the easiest ways to buy bitcoin without needing any crypto knowledge.

P2P Exchanges means Peer to Peer Exchanges. These are exchanges that allow buyers and sellers of bitcoin have direct interaction unlike Bitcoin Exchanges where transactions are done anonymously.

The process to buy bitcoin on P2P Exchanges is simple.

Once your registration is complete (and doesn’t require any verification), then post your buy request along with your means of payment and price, so that when users who are sellers browse through the listings, they can simply choose to transact with you given your request.

Very often people will start searching for the quickest ways to buy bitcoin because the bitcoin price just made a big jump upwards. High volatility is very common in the cryptocurrency market. In order to not be caught by surprise, savvy investors will use dollar cost averaging and therefore invest in bitcoin on regular basis, with a fixed amount. This way they can build a large crypto-portfolio before prices start to spike up. If you want to learn more strategies on how to invest in bitcoin or how to buy bitcoin for profit, make sure to download our latest bitcoin ebook.

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